Two of the more interesting parts of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI are the new clutch pedal system and the new exhaust system.

The new clutch and exhaust systems are new in this Golf, but they’re not just new, they’re also a big step up from previous Golf models.

The front of the Golf GTIs new clutch system is the same as the one found in the Golf and is powered by a dual-clutch design with a two-stage hydraulic actuator system.

In the new Golf, that hydraulic actuators are located in the brake caliper (aka the front brake calipers), which makes it easier to shift from gear to gear, but also makes it difficult to lock down and keep the front brakes locked.

The brake actuators on the Golf also come with a dual control valve that allows them to be used with both front and rear brakes.

In addition, the new ECU also has a single control valve, so you don’t have to worry about your clutch slipping or the engine suddenly going to shit, and it’s also a bit quieter.

The exhaust system, meanwhile, is basically a direct-injection system that has been redesigned to have less power coming out of the exhaust system (there’s a new intake and exhaust valve that are also connected via a shaft) and to use more exhaust gas (which also is a bit louder and more efficient).

It also has more control over the exhaust pressure to reduce turbulence.

The two new exhaust systems use the same design, so the only difference is that they’re now rated for 40,000 RPM (compared to the 34,000 on the previous Golf).

There’s also now a single-clamp system (or “dual-clank” as it’s called in the software) in the front of all four seats (that was previously a single “single-clam” system).

The dual-sport exhaust system can be used in four different ways, depending on what kind of track you’re racing on.

First, you can have the exhaust blow air out of both front tires, or in each wheel.

Second, you have the front and back tires blow air into the same exhaust pipe (or exhaust port) and then blow air back into the opposite wheel (or a different exhaust port).

That’s a combination that’s usually used for the rear of the car.

The final option is to use the front exhaust system for both front (in both the front wheels and in the rear wheel wells) and rear (in the front wheel wells).

The new exhausts are designed to work with the Golf’s rear-wheel-drive system, so they can be mounted right where the Golf would normally be.

There’s no rear diffuser, which is something you might not have wanted to do in a GTI.

The diffuser has been replaced by a “two-stage diffuser,” which is the new name for the diffuser found on the new GTI, which was replaced by the “dualsport” system.

There are no rear spoilers, which will be a welcome feature for many GTI owners.

The only new thing is that the exhaust pipes are now taller than before, and the exhaust valve has been changed to an intake valve.

The redesigned brake calicos are more efficient, too.

The brakes now use a larger, direct-acting caliper than before.

This means the brake pads will not be as light and will last longer.

In fact, the calipers on the brake discs will be twice as light as before, because the caliper now has a direct contact with the brake pad and it will be able to provide more pressure.

This should make the brakes more responsive, as well.

As with all the other changes made to the Golf, the brake rotors are also lighter.

The rear brake california now uses a smaller diameter, lighter caliper.

In all, the Golf Golf GTE has a claimed 0-60 time of 2.7 seconds, 0.6 seconds faster than the previous model.

This is faster than every other GTI in the GTI family.

The Golf GT is the first GTI ever to have rear-drive systems.

While it’s not the fastest GTI out there, it’s certainly quicker than the current GTI’s 0-62 time of 3.5 seconds, which means it should have less rolling resistance than the GTE.

The next GTI (or Golf GTD) will come out later this year, and then we’ll see if the GTIs 0-63 time is any different from the 0-59 time.

The GTI is rated at 160 horsepower (which is not a lot, but it’s definitely faster than any GTI) and 184 lb-ft of torque, so it should be much quicker than any other GT I’ve driven.

The car’s handling is also up from last year, with the new rear wing design and rear diffusers making the car a bit more stable.

The old-school Golf GT was

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