By RICK MCCANN AND RICHARD WOLFBYAssociated PressIn a remote village near the border with India, a three-person team of researchers, engineers and researchers are working on a printer that could make all the components in an average house more efficient and cost-effective.

Their goal is to help local businesses get rid of as much waste as possible.

They call it a 3-D printed village.

The village is part of the village of Bapuri in northeastern India.

It’s an hour north of the capital, New Delhi.

It is a place where people are more willing to accept technology as it advances than anywhere else in India, said Anurag Sharma, the village’s mayor and a member of the committee that oversees the village.

He hopes to eventually make the village completely 3-d printed.

The printing process is a two-step process.

First, a laser scanner is used to scan out all the metal parts of the building, and the laser cuts out all of the other metal parts.

Then, a machine is put into the village and is programmed to print the entire building out.

In the future, it’s hoped, the 3-DS can create the building itself.

The other part of their effort is to design and build a 3d printer that will be able to print a whole house, instead of just one section.

This is not the first time Sharma and his team have made a 3 in-house printing facility.

They built a 3 with a small team of workers last year in a village near Hyderabad, and built a prototype this year at a rural college in the northeastern state of Telangana.

The printer that they are building is the smallest, lightest and cheapest 3-dimensional printer to date.

It only has about three millimeters of height, and it is powered by an Arduino microcontroller that runs on a single computer.

The Arduino is able to program the printer, and a small, portable computer controls the printer.

The computer then makes the printer’s parts.

The 3-Ds parts are then assembled into a full-size, 3-by-3-by 3-inch box that can be attached to a building.

The project has been an experiment since last summer.

Sharma and a team of students from the university, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, built the printer from scratch, and used it for three months.

They then used it to build a house in one day.

In their village, there are only two machines in the village, one in the main building, the other in the local college.

The other machine is in a garage that sits outside.

The computer used to make the 3Ds parts is also in the garage.

The machine has two parts: a base that the printer sits on, and two legs that connect the base and the legs to the building.

The base contains an Arduino board and the leg contains a microcontroller.

The microcontroller is programmed by the students and the students are able to modify the program to make it work with the printer they are using.

They also control the printer using an Arduino that runs the software on the printer and connects it to the computer.

After the students built the house, they had to assemble the 3D printers, which was very time consuming.

The students had to make about 300 parts, and they had a lot of mistakes along the way.

The team had to create the 3 by 3 by 2-inch printer in just three months, Sharma said.

This was their first 3- by 3- inch 3-mm 3-cm 3-in-by 4-inch 3-ft 3-x 3-3 3-X.

It was done with a very small team, Sharma added.

They used a 3.3 mm MakerBot Replicator 2.0 to make their parts, which can be used for 3D printing.

They used a laser cutter, which is cheaper and easier to print than a 3 mm Makerbot Replicator.

They built the machine with a combination of software and software developed by the university’s computer science department.

They were able to control the laser cutter in real time, making the parts move and change in real-time, so they could control the part’s shape and size.

They needed a computer program to program this computer program, so the students were able do this.

This printer can print parts that are smaller than three millimeter, but it can print all of them, Sharma explained.

This is an area where 3D machines are still a little bit in development.

The students have also printed the entire village.

The next step is to print all the houses in the future.

The technology that they have built is extremely simple, and is based on the principle of 3D-printed materials.

They are able, for example, to print plastic components, which are very lightweight and are often used in a wide variety of materials.

This means they can print almost anything, and this is

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