The Indian economy is facing a serious threat from deflation.

This is not a new problem, it has been with us since our independence.

However, its impact has been so severe that India’s policymakers have resorted to extreme measures to deal with it.

Here, we will review how this is being addressed.

The key to dealing with the deflation is a set of structural reforms.

It is essential that the government undertake a comprehensive restructuring to put an end to the stagnation that is undermining the country’s economic performance.

The Government should also undertake measures to ensure that inflation rates are under control, that inflation does not go beyond the target, and that inflation remains under control at the lower end of the spectrum.

India’s macroeconomic framework was established under the UPA government in 2014.

Under the framework, the central bank was empowered to purchase government bonds in the currency market and provide liquidity to the banks.

In effect, it was providing an insurance policy.

In the absence of any major shocks to the Indian economy, the country is now undergoing a massive adjustment.

The inflation rate is running at about 4% and is on a par with that of the United States.

There is also a persistent overhang of cash in the economy.

There are signs of structural adjustment underway.

The RBI, the RBI Board, and the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) have been meeting regularly to review the situation.

The inflation rate has fallen from an average of 12% in the last six years to about 4.5% today.

This marks a dramatic improvement.

The real value of the currency is about 8% higher than what it was at the end of 2016.

Inflation is also down significantly from an annual rate of 4.8% during the U.P. government.

The economic slowdown that has begun in the past few months is being reversed.

The economy is growing at a very strong pace and the economy has rebounded strongly from the UPS crisis.

As the economy recovers, the government should be able to address the persistent deflationary threat by making the necessary structural reforms, including simplifying the tax regime, reducing the capital gains tax rates, and introducing a minimum wage.

This will not be easy.

While the RBI has announced an easing of capital gains taxes, it is important to remember that the capital gain tax is only an accounting tool.

The actual tax rate is far higher.

It is also important to keep in mind that inflation is at its highest point since the last fiscal.

It has been reported that the RBI is considering a move to raise the minimum wage to 6%.

This move would be a big step forward.

These structural reforms have been the main focus of the RBI’s monetary policy committee (MPC) for the past five years.

The committee was given the task of implementing the reforms in order to keep the economy on track.

One of the important tasks is to reduce the excess leverage of the economy to the extent that it can be contained.

The MPC has already taken several actions to achieve this.

However, the MPC must also take some more steps to ensure the stability of the economic environment.

The monetary policy stance should be reviewed periodically and policy should be adjusted to ensure a sound monetary policy environment.

There is also the matter of the inflation target.

The central bank has already announced that it will increase the inflation rate to 6% by the end, which would be the maximum allowed by law.

The government has been committed to keep this target constant at around 4%.

However, there is also another way to ensure inflation remains in check.

There needs to be some reform in the way the RBI manages its monetary policy and how it sets inflation targets.

This reform can be achieved by changing the way it issues interest rates and by changing how the RBI buys government bonds.

Inflation is a serious problem in the country.

It threatens the stability and prosperity of the people.

The way forward is for the government to undertake some structural reforms that will make it easier to achieve the target and avoid the deflationary risks.

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