In an effort to make the process easier for developers, Sony is launching a new tool that allows developers to create their own motion-based game elements with their existing physics-based gameplay.

This new tool allows developers who want to use a mechanical device to manipulate game elements to simply create their game using a standard game engine.

This tool allows the user to create an element from the physics and control the behavior of that element, then add custom code to manipulate the element.

For example, the game element could use a camera, an actuator, or an input system to control the element’s motion.

This type of system will be more powerful for more complex games where the user has to interact with the environment and interact with objects that are physically based on the player’s own body.

Sony has been making waves lately about the potential of motion-capture technologies for game developers.

In a recent blog post on PlayStation Blog, Sony’s senior vice president of marketing, Brian Goetz, shared some interesting details about the company’s new motion-tracking technology.

In the post, Goetz explained that the new motion tracking system allows developers “to create more complex game elements that are more robust than the one they’ve already built.”

For example:When you want to build a scene, you might want to place the game’s characters and objects on top of a platform and create a grid of boxes that define where they can move.

In some games, you may want to put a player on a platform to move around the environment.

With motion capture, you can combine this movement and the physics to create a completely new kind of game.

If you’re already familiar with the concept of game elements, you’ll be able to create any type of game element by simply choosing the elements that you want in the game.

Sony will also offer some basic rules for building games in its new motion capture system, including the following:Make sure your game engine has a built-in support for motion capture.

This means that any object that can be physically simulated with the PlayStation’s camera can be used for any game element.

You can add or change elements that have no physics or that do not interact with other elements, such as a sound or a light source.

You can use this to create objects that can interact with another element in the same way that they interact with their own camera.

For more information on the new PlayStation Motion Capture technology, check out the PlayStation Blog post.

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