President Donald Trump said Saturday he is confident he has a “great” group of veterans who would have been at the center of the Veterans Affairs Department under his administration if he had not been forced to fire them.

Trump, who is under fire for his decision to fire two top VA officials, said the VA is a “very strong” agency and has “great people.”

He also said the president would like to see a replacement plan implemented.

Trump’s remarks came as he defended the firing of two senior VA officials and the dismissal of more than 1,000 more workers who did not meet standards set by the Trump administration, including the resignation of acting VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.

“I was fired by the VA, the VA was very, very unhappy,” Trump said during a campaign stop in Ohio.

“I was in charge of the VA.

It was a very tough situation.”

Trump’s comments came as the administration was under fire after Shinseky resigned in July and Shinseks replacement, Secretary Eric K. Shinsek Jr., announced Friday that the VA will start hiring new workers.

Shinselks resignation also prompted the resignation last week of Acting VA Secretary Linda W. Hamburg, who was overseeing the agency’s workforce in her role as acting secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Trump has been under increasing pressure from lawmakers to hire more veterans for the VA workforce, which has long been underfunded and understaffed.

He has repeatedly insisted that VA workers are loyal to him and that he has no desire to replace veterans.

In a Monday statement, Shinseke said, “We were fired by President Trump for the simple reason that we did not work with the administration’s priorities, did not follow directives, and did not fulfill the highest standards for the service we serve.”

Shinseki resigned on July 1.

He said he was stepping down because of the Trump White House’s decision to end a Veterans Choice program that allowed veterans to seek VA care at private clinics in some states and in the District of Columbia.

He had previously said that the decision to stop the program was based on a lack of trust from Congress and from the public.

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