Al Jazeera has exclusively obtained a report by a French magazine that shows how an electronic solenoids actuator works, in order to control the movement of an electromagnet.

The French magazine, Le Figaro, said the device is capable of controlling a motorised generator in a vacuum, and could also be used in an electrical power supply.

Le Figaro says the device could also help in controlling electric vehicles.

“It’s not a toy, it can be used to control motors or even a generator,” said Fabrice Moraume, a professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne who is the author of the Le Figarcre report.

“Theoretically, it’s possible to control electric vehicles with an electromacnet, but we need to investigate the mechanism.”

He said there is no shortage of electrical power generators and actuators in the world.

“There are thousands of them.

It’s a matter of time before one of them is used in a car.””

If you can control it, you can put it in a vehicle.”

The French motor vehicle manufacturer is also using the device to control an electronic power supply in a motorcycle.

“If the device works as expected, it could be used as an autonomous driving system, but it has to be carefully monitored,” Moraumes said.

The study was published in the journal Scientific Reports on Thursday.

The company said it had received no request from the French government to test the device, but added that it would be open to discussing the possibility of using it in future research projects.

The device, which is still in development, uses an electromachnet to generate a voltage.

It then senses a motor signal and uses a voltage generator to control that motor signal.

A device of this type, and others like it, is often used in medical applications.

“In the medical field, the devices are used to create the potential of the organ or body to function normally, even when its in a vegetative state,” the company said in a statement.

“This device, like all such devices, is capable to control and control the potential energy of the body and thus can generate energy in the form of electricity.”

The company added that the device’s potential was “unlikely to be exploited” by the military, but that it had “an excellent potential for applications” in the automotive industry.

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