The future is fast becoming a race to deliver electric cars to the masses.

That’s where engineers at the University of Melbourne’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) are taking an innovative approach to predicting the costs of electric cars.

They have developed an actuator that can predict the cost based on the speed of the car.

When an electric vehicle is travelling at 200km/h, the cost is $5.20 per kilometre.

By contrast, when the electric car is travelling less than 50km/hr, the price drops to $2.80 per kilometres.

The actuator is a ‘bump-and-play’ system, where it is able to detect changes in speed, direction and acceleration.

To demonstrate its concept, the team at SEAS developed a prototype vehicle, a vehicle that was not a production vehicle.

It consisted of a series of five actuators mounted on a wooden frame, and it could be driven on a track by a driver in a simulator.

“We could go from zero to 60km/hour, from zero and 60 to 200km,” says Associate Professor Mark Hahn, the first author of a paper describing the system.

A series of actuators attached to a wooden platform are able to predict the future cost of an electric car based on their speed.

Picture: SEAS/David Hahn “So you’re going to be able to use the same actuators to drive a car in the future, or even predict the price of electricity.”

“And they’ve got a lot of sensors that will allow you to predict how long the car is going to take to travel that distance,” he adds.

Professor Hahn says the actuators have the potential to change the way electric vehicles are made.

While it is difficult to estimate the price for electric cars, the actuator could help predict the final cost, which could be cheaper or more expensive than a conventional car.

“What we can do is predict how much it will cost to charge an electric battery, but how much does it cost to run the battery?” he says.

So far, the research has been funded by the Federal Government and the Australian Research Council.

Other SEAS researchers working on similar projects include Associate Professor Paul Taylor, Associate Professor Christopher Mottram and Associate Professor Chris Mottrell.

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