LONDON — A motorbike dealer in South Walsall has sold a new washing machine that uses electromechanics to wash its riders.

The machine, called Electromechanical Washing Machine, can be ordered for around £1,200 ($1,850) in the town of Gillingham, which has a population of about 15,000.

Owner Adam Gillingam said the washing machine could make his life easier.

“It’s not a heavy machine,” he said.

“You don’t need to worry about it being a big bulky thing.”

We’re not a big shop so it’s a good way to take the load off me.

“If we had more people buying this we’d be making more money.”

Electromechanic is a small-scale manufacturing company based in North Wales.

It has factories in Northampton and Oxford, as well as two in the U.K.

It has sold about a dozen of its washing machines so far.

Gillingam’s son Alex started the company with a small group of friends in 2014.

They have since expanded their operation, and now sell thousands of washing machines each year.

Alex Gillingamp, left, with his father and son.

Alex Gillingamps son, who also works in the business, said it’s important to keep their products fresh and affordable.

“We try to keep our machines as good as we can, because we think it’s really important to maintain the quality of the product,” Alex Gilledamp said.

Gillingham has become a hotspot for the industry, as the region’s economy has grown by about 1,300 per cent in the past decade.

A lot of that growth has come from the growing number of people moving from the rural communities to the suburbs, and the city’s population has risen by more than 200,000 people.

There are currently about 40 people working at the company, according to Alex Gillamp.

“They’re doing a good job of getting people out of the city and into the suburbs,” he told BBC News.

“It’s good for our business and for the environment.”

Electromagnetic technology is often used to clean up waste from the environment.

It can work on water, food, dust and even oil.

The company has also been making a new machine that looks similar to an old one, but it has a motor that moves a water bottle that’s attached to a handle.

Alex Gillam said it was a bit more challenging to make than a traditional washing machine.

“The motor’s a bit big, so the bottle is kind of heavy and we need to make sure we get the bottle right,” he explained.

We’re just doing this for fun, and we think the motor will make our lives a little easier.

“Alex Gillsom and his son have been working on a new motor to get rid of the bottle.

Electronic washing machines are often used in remote locations, because the technology is less expensive than traditional washing machines.

Many of the machines can be built from the same components as a conventional washing machine and are made to last.

In the past, many manufacturers have focused on making machines that are cheaper to make.

Alex and his family started the business in 2014 after he lost his job as a manufacturing engineer.

He has been working full time on the washing machines, which he hopes will be used in the suburbs for the next few years.

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