Tesla Model X owners are reporting that the electric car company is now offering its owners a second level of assistance to reduce vibration in their vehicles.

Tesla, which sells the electric vehicles as the Model S and Model X, is now selling a special manual transmission available for purchase through its website.

“Tesla offers a third level of help to help reduce vibration of the electric vehicle, a system called a manual transmission,” Tesla spokesperson Lauren Kiel told The Huffington Post.

The new manual transmission is made by a company called Hydraulic Motors.

The new transmission is supposed to help the owners of the Model X to reduce the vibration in the vehicles and improve the vehicle’s stability.

But some Tesla owners are finding the new transmission to be quite difficult to install.

As of Tuesday, Tesla owners in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.K. have reported having to remove their Tesla vehicles from their garage.

Tesla, however, is not saying how many owners have had to do this, nor how many vehicles have had the transmission removed.

In addition, Tesla says that the company is working with its partner Ford to improve the transmission so that it can be installed in a Model S. While the company has not released details on what has been done to improve its transmission, Tesla said it is working to increase the number of Model S owners who have the transmission installed, and is working on a way to help those owners to upgrade their Tesla.

One Tesla owner in San Francisco told The New York Times that his car has been a “disaster” because of the transmission.

More than 200,000 Model S have been sold in the U.

“The owners have complained about the transmission, the company said.

Some Model X drivers have also reported having their vehicles grounded because of vibration in some areas of their vehicles due to the transmission not working.

A Tesla spokesperson told The Verge in a statement that Tesla has offered “free and extensive maintenance assistance to our owners” and is now working to improve how the transmission is installed in all Model S vehicles.

When asked how many people have had their vehicles serviced and whether any Tesla owners had had to remove the transmission from their vehicles, the spokesperson said that Tesla had “not had a formal survey to determine the number.”

Tesla is also working on ways to help Tesla owners install the new manual Transmission, including a service manual.

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