An assembler in South Korea is making a $50 million robot that can assemble and assemble parts from the inside out.

The robot, called a robot builder, is a prototype for what could become a fully functioning robot workforce in the U.S. that can build and assemble entire buildings, according to an article on the company’s website.

Robots are already being used in manufacturing and other manufacturing jobs, but assembling entire buildings is one of the hardest and most complex tasks.

And even the best robots can be prone to accidents and break down in the heat of the job.

The project, which has been in development for more than two years, was announced at a robotics conference in San Francisco in May.

The assembly line, which looks a bit like a mini-workshop, is being built by an assembly company called Automata.

It has been developed by a company called Nippon Engineering and is part of a broader robotics push by companies like SoftBank to develop robotic systems for more complex manufacturing and engineering jobs.

The robots are powered by electric motors and are controlled by a camera system.

They can build parts from plastic, metal, glass, metal and even wood.

The robot builder is a version of the same technology that is being used to build robots for NASA’s Orion spacecraft, which is due to be delivered in 2020.

In an interview with Reuters, Automata’s founder and CEO, Keiichi Ohkubo, said the company was building the robot builder because it could be built to work on large factories, where the assembly process takes days.

The robots will be able to build the building and assemble components from the ground up.

Ohkubowo said the robot maker is similar to robots that are used to make the electronics in computers, but instead of building the computer directly from scratch, the robots use a series of software components that automate the assembly of different parts.

It is a very different approach to robotics, Ohkobo said.

That’s why robots are often considered “advanced” and not “basic.”

The robot builder was unveiled as part of an exhibition in Japan of robots that can do more complex tasks than the ones being used by companies such as Google and Apple.

That exhibition, called “Robots for Business,” opened earlier this year.

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