Posted by Fox News on Wednesday, January 06, 2018 01:30:16 A new electric actuator for computers, laptops, phones, tablets and other electronic devices could transform the way people use computers, with one-touch power and no need for a mouse or keyboard.

The invention was described in a new report from the non-profit nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation, a Washington-based tech watchdog.

Electrolytic actuators are used to control electrical systems, from power grids to medical devices, but the technology is only now being embraced by engineers and consumers.

They use magnets to transfer electricity between the metal parts of an electronic device.

The devices are also used in mobile devices, where a button or switch on a mobile phone activates an actuator that moves a plug or switch inside a machine.

Inventors are currently developing and commercializing a new type of electrical actuator, which could revolutionize the way we use computers.

The technology is also expected to lead to improved battery life and the ability to use devices in a more portable form.

“Electrostatic actuators have long been used in electronics, but their design is limited to very small mechanical devices,” says Josh Borenstein, an associate professor of electrical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who co-authored the report.

“We wanted to use this technology in a way that it could be applied to a wide range of devices, from batteries to smart thermostats.”

Borenstein and his team were working on a device that would help control an electric car by pushing a button.

This device is made up of a series of coils that act as a motor and generator, which move the car.

The device also has a battery pack that powers the actuator.

“The motor is a big piece of the whole,” Borenbaum says.

“This one is really a small part of the entire device, but it is important.”

The electric actuators, called electrically conductive electromechanics, are based on the principles of magnetron resonance.

When the electric current flows through an electric field, the electric field changes the shape of the magnets, which change the magnetic fields in the surrounding air.

By measuring the changes in the magnetic field, engineers can calculate the electric potential in the area around the magnetron.

Electromechanic actuators could make it easier to control computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions, cameras and other devices.

“A lot of our technology is in a lot of ways very mechanical and relies on magnets and moving the magnets,” says Borenbard.

“We’re seeing a lot more applications for this type of actuators,” he says.

Borenbard is also a co-author of a book called The Complete Electric System, published by MIT Press, which is aimed at creating a complete, low-power electrical system for computers.

Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder and chief technologist Corynne McSherry says the development of these new actuators has been a long-term effort.

“For a long time, we’ve been saying that we’re not going to be able to use magnets for any sort of electrical control, like turning a light on or off, but we are seeing that a lot has changed,” McSherysaid.

“These are the same kinds of applications that we have seen in computer vision, robotics, and sensors.”

These are applications that could be really powerful for a lot longer,” she says.

The new electric-electronic-device technology could help replace mechanical keyboards and mice for computers and other electronics.

Borenberstein says this could also lead to better battery life.”

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You can have a touch screen and a mechanical keyboard, but a touchscreen isn’t going to last very long, so that’s where we’re going to see this really important technology play a huge role in the future.”

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