By The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research (APACPR)The electric car industry is growing fast.

More than 20 new electric vehicles have been unveiled in the last five years, and Tesla is expected to have an all-electric model on the market by the end of the year.

But electric vehicles will not be the only electric vehicles on the roads for another five years.

Some companies are also working on battery-electric vehicles, and they are doing so at a pace that has been surprising.

The APACPR is looking at five major trends that could affect electric vehicle technology, including:The electric vehicle industry is booming in the U.S. and is expected grow another 10% over the next three years, according to an analysis of data from market research firm IHS Automotive.

Tesla is projected to sell 2.5 million electric vehicles in 2021, up from 1.3 million in 2021.

The electric vehicles that are expected to be on public roads in 2021 include two new models: the Tesla Model S, and the Model X SUV.

The first model, the Model S sedan, is expected by 2021 to sell for about $70,000 in the United States, which is more than double the price of an entry-level luxury sedan.

The Model X crossover SUV, which could be the first crossover vehicle sold in the nation by a company that is neither a luxury brand nor a sports car manufacturer, is estimated to sell about $72,000.

That is a substantial jump from the $47,000 average price of the Model 3 sedan and $35,000 price of Tesla’s first full-size SUV.

The first full size SUV in the country to be sold by a luxury manufacturer is expected in 2021 to be a Toyota Camry, which will cost about $85,000, or $25,000 more than the Camry S sedan.

And the Model E crossover SUV is expected for 2021 to cost about the same as a Toyota Highlander.

The luxury crossover SUV market is expected expand rapidly in 2021 with a growing number of new models that have a more premium exterior design and larger interior.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already announced the first Model E, which was announced in February.

The Model E SUV, based on the Model A sedan, has been delayed from its planned October 2019 launch date.

Tesla’s Model X will also be available for delivery in 2021 and will likely be a bigger hit than the Model Y crossover SUV.

However, it will be unclear whether the Model-X SUV will be an entirely new model, or if it will continue to be built by Tesla as an alternative to its full-sized SUV.

While Tesla is planning to build 1 million Model X SUVs over the coming years, the number of vehicles it plans to sell will be limited.

The company is not expected to begin selling Model-P SUV cars in 2021 due to the Model T production schedule.

And Tesla will not sell a large number of Model S sedans.

The number of the sedan is expected at a high level of production of about 40,000 cars per year, according a report from IHS.

But Tesla will likely use a limited number of those cars for Model X.

The biggest demand for the Model 4 SUV is in the high-end segment, and Elon Musk is expected sell about 3 million Model 4 SUVs in 2021 as well.

But Musk also announced that he is going to launch the first mass production Model 4 crossover SUV for 2019.

That vehicle is expected, as well, to sell a lot.

It is unclear how many Model X vehicles will be sold, but IHS estimates that the Model 5 will be the top-selling car of the next five years with about 10 million sold.

Tesla will probably not be able to sell all 10 million of its Model X sedans in the next 10 years.

And with the Model 7 and Model X coming in 2021-22, Tesla will have a difficult time selling as many Model S and Model 3 sedans as it has now.

The only reason it could be able sell as many is because of the popularity of its flagship model, which has been in the market since 2020.

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