Posted August 12, 2018 09:37:18 When you’re working, you’re doing things with a worrywart.

We can’t do much about the wobbly minds of the working world, but we can get a glimpse at what they’re like when they’re not at work.

In a new book, author Paul Elam and his wife, Julie Elam, trace the journey of the Emmett family from working parents to working fathers.

“We don’t know exactly how they got there,” Julie Eamles said.

“It’s a wonderful story.”

In addition to the book’s title, the Elams have released the “Daughters of the World” documentary, which chronicles their journey from the home they grew up in, to the life of the Eameses.

Their children grew up without the guidance of a dad.

Paul Eamle: “When you’re a parent, you know how to raise the kids.”

They also worked through their own trauma from working in a factory, in a garment factory, and as a factory worker, where they were constantly told to stay on task and work harder.

They took on the roles of their father, Paul, who died of cancer in 2000, and their brother, Mike, who became a factory manager.

Julie Eames: “My father was a worker.

He had to be.”

In this film, the Emmans describe the emotional toll of working, their fears of losing their jobs, and how the stress of the work itself, which is often difficult, makes it harder to have a normal life.

They were a family that had no other choice but to work at the factory and they did it in a family-friendly way.

But it was their sense of family that they had to keep intact.

That’s where they found each other.

Their mother was an auto mechanic, so their dad was also a mechanic.

The brothers worked as welders and electricians, which was the family bread and butter.

“I never worked a day in my life that wasn’t in the service business,” Julie said.

They got married in 1989.

Their youngest daughter, Mary, is now 24.

Paul Emmell died in 1998.

Julie Emmelle: “We were never worried about death.

We knew he was a great father and we were grateful for that.”

When the Emms were growing up, they had a father who worked at the auto plant and who would send them off to school, where the boys were the first to go to college.

The family was very religious, and the children were encouraged to be more spiritual.

Paul worked a lot of construction.

He was a really hard worker and would make a lot more than we ever expected.

Mike would always get home at 10:30 in the morning.

When you have a guy who worked 10 hours and five days a week, you have to be very disciplined about the amount of hours you work.

The Emmells were very lucky, though.

They had two sisters and two brothers.

Julie says that her mother is a very good nurse, and she has a lot to teach her children.

“She has a gift that comes with that she does not often have in the family,” Julie told The Associated Press.

Julie also remembers that they could be lonely sometimes.

The Eames family is now split up and has three children: Mike, James, and Lola.

They are now married and raising their daughters, Mary and Jessica.

The book is called “Daughter of the City.”

“The Eames children, as a family, were a bit of a struggle,” Julie says.

“But we knew that we were doing the right thing.

It took a while for us to get used to the fact that we weren’t really getting the same attention we wanted.”

The Emms’ children are now working full-time at the company that manufactures the shirts they grew in, but Julie is still making sure their daughters have the support they need.

“The whole family is in the hospital right now,” she said.

We have a lot left to do.

We’ve had to take the step of giving them up for adoption.

So it’s been a little rough, but it’s not too bad.

“The Eamls have a daughter, Lola, now 12, and have two grandchildren, Jake and Luke.

They’re proud to be the proud owners of their sons, James and Luke, as well as their grandchildren, Cody and Noah.

Julie is also working on a book called “How We Got Here.”

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