Posted October 06, 2018 03:00:57Today, the first wireless-connected smart battery is shipping in the US.

That battery, called EM-1, can charge a phone or a computer using magnetic fields.

But that battery is being built by a company called Airtel, and the company hopes it will be ready to ship by mid-2018.

And it is the first one to ship.

“We’ve built the battery to run on the wireless radio spectrum, which is where most of the devices we use are,” Airtels CEO Kunal Thapar told reporters.

“So, it can communicate with any wireless device in the world.

It has the power of a wireless phone, but with the capability of doing it over the radio spectrum.”

But there are still plenty of challenges to overcome before EM-01 can be deployed.

EM-001 has a power density of 1,000 watts, or 10 percent of the power density in a typical smartphone, according to Thapars team.

The company plans to introduce a second generation battery later this year that has a lower power density and a larger battery, according a statement from the company.

That second battery will be larger and will include a second radio frequency to communicate with EM-101.

And because the second battery has to be smaller, Thapares team is developing a chip that will allow the company to run the second generation of the EM-111 battery without the need for additional power.

That chip will be integrated into the battery’s microchip, so it will run on a standard mobile phone and the chip won’t require any external power, which will improve its cost.

“The first generation was very, very expensive,” Thaparis said.

“And this one, it is cheaper, which we believe will make it more attractive for our customers.”

The EM-121 battery is already a step ahead of EM-100, which was a bit of a surprise.

That was a radio-frequency-capable battery that had an average power density that was a fraction of EM’s.

EM’s first battery was more of a “toy battery,” and it didn’t offer much power to begin with, and that made it a little difficult for its customers to adopt it.

So the company wanted to develop a more powerful and more expensive battery that could do more with less power.

EM began testing battery-powered devices in 2017.

Its first prototype consisted of an 18-watt radio-powered battery that was connected to a computer and ran off a USB charger.

But the battery was far from powerful enough to take full advantage of the radio frequency bands it was intended for.

In 2018, the company announced it was starting work on a more sophisticated battery, which would be much bigger, and it would run off a much more powerful radio.

EM hopes to start shipping EM-2 in 2020, but it’s still working on the chip that can power EM-102.

And now the company is shipping EM111 to the US, which means the first EM-112 battery won’t arrive until 2021.

So it looks like EM-141 is going to be a bit more complicated.

“There are a number of technical challenges to addressing the RF spectrum,” Thapsar said.

The RF spectrum consists of frequencies in the 700- and 2.5-GHz bands.

EM can use frequencies in those bands to send signals, but there are some limitations.

One is that there is no standard definition of what an RF signal is.

For example, if a radio frequency has a frequency of 2.8GHz, the frequency of an EM signal could be anything from 2.4GHz to 2.9GHz.

The other limitation is that EM-110 has a “low frequency” band that only allows frequencies between 2.2GHz and 2,5GHz.

That means that if an EM-122 battery were to be used with an EM1, it would need to be equipped with a high-frequency receiver.

EM says it has a number that can be used to set up a “RF-to-RF switch” that will switch the RF signal on and off based on the frequency band.

It is also possible to “buzz” a battery to turn on or off certain frequencies.

That could be useful for sending messages over the air or even turning on a computer’s processor to read text messages.

But as Thapias team puts it, “a lot of that is just theoretical.”

The RF-to RF switch will only be available to manufacturers who can afford to build the chips that will power the EM111 and EM-142 batteries.

That will also require a lot of manufacturing capacity.

Thapas team has been working on a battery with a more complicated design that would have a much larger RF-frequency switch.

And then they’re hoping to add a second, more advanced RF

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