The trailer, which houses all the electrical and mechanical equipment, is designed to run on a conventional battery.

It has been the home of the NFL for more than 50 years, but it’s a huge piece of equipment for many of the team’s players.

The Colts have been using the trailer to run preseason games since the team moved from Indianapolis to Indianapolis, which opened in the fall of 2014.

The team also has a new trailer, and there’s an option for fans to rent the car.

It’s a big deal because it allows them to play football on their own terms.

The trailer also serves as a safety net for the team.

While players can’t use it for their own personal use, they can keep it as a backup to their car.

“The team can get the most out of it, but there are times where they’re not going to be able to use it because of the equipment they have,” said Scott Riggs, a spokesman for the Colts.

It can also be a great place to work out, since the trailer can be used as a workout area and a place to hang out with the team, which has been expanding its workout space in recent years.

A new trailer The Colts are working to upgrade the trailer.

They’re hoping to install the trailer in a garage in Indianapolis, where it will be a bigger asset.

That would make the trailer bigger, longer, and have more of an impact on the field, Riggs said.

It will also allow them to have the trailer available for extended periods of time, which will help with the transition for players who’ve moved from the team home to Indianapolis.

The car and trailer are also big assets for the Indianapolis Colts.

They used to have to rent a car for the entire season.

Now, with the trailer, they have to take the car and bring it to the field.

There are a lot of perks to being able to play in a trailer.

For one, it’s big enough to allow for a trailer with a roof.

That’s the biggest advantage of having a trailer on the football field.

The Indianapolis Colts have had a trailer for a while, but the trailer is the biggest asset to the team right now, Riggles said.

The only other trailer that has a roof is the one that has the roof attached to the side of the car, so it’s the best way to play the game on a large stage, he said.

But the trailer does have drawbacks.

It needs a lot more power than a car, which is why the team is looking to get it upgraded.

The problem is that the trailer will need to be towed, which would be a huge expense.

But if the trailer works, it will give the team a much bigger advantage over the team that is using the car as a temporary base.

“It’s definitely a great asset,” Riggs told The Associated Press.

“And I think it’s something we’ll look back on and say, ‘Yeah, that’s probably the biggest thing we ever did with the car.’ “

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