By now you’ve probably heard that the world’s first mobile phone will be released by Apple, and that the iPhone 7 is the world record holder.

You might also know that Samsung is also planning to release a phone in 2018.

But is there a phone company in the world that has a unique technology that the other companies haven’t?

That’s where Parker Hannifin comes in.

Parker Hannifina, cofounder of the company, founded the company in 2008 to make a wireless cable that can be used to charge phones without batteries.

He has since been instrumental in making a wide range of wireless products for wireless, cordless, wireless internet, wireless cameras, and the like.

Hannifini has made several patents related to wireless charging, and has been one of the most outspoken critics of companies like Apple and Samsung.

Parkin Hannifinian is the CEO of Parker HannIFin Electronics, which has offices in Switzerland and Singapore.

He was also the cofounder and former chairman of Philips Electronics.

He is also the founder of the global wireless charging company Tango, which is now based in Singapore.

In an interview with Ars Technica, Hannifino said that he has been trying to make wireless products since he was a kid, and he thinks the iPhone is the only product that people remember.

“I was really into electronics and I wanted to be a part of this technology,” Hannifine said.

“But when I was growing up I couldn’t afford it, and so I made the phone.”

That phone Hannifines phone is called the Parker Hanniflower, and it’s made from aluminum and titanium.

Hannis claims that it can charge up to 200 percent faster than conventional devices.

That’s enough to charge a smartphone, a laptop, and a laptop computer.

It also can charge the batteries of other devices, which makes it useful for charging a TV, a projector, and other devices.

“If you have a laptop and a tablet, it’s like charging two batteries,” Hannibini said.

Hannifini said he wants to build an ecosystem of wireless charging solutions, and his goal is to offer them to consumers as soon as he can.

He also said that the Parker Hanniflower will be available in 2018 for a reasonable price.

If you’re willing to shell out the money for a phone that’s a little more expensive, you can buy the Parker Haniflower at a later date.

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