The official Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix official video game site has released the first official trailer for The Order of The Phoenix.

The trailer shows a young girl who has lost everything after a mysterious creature attacks her home.

The child finds a book, The First Book, which tells her that her mother was a witch, and that she is the first of many witches to die.

The boy finds a journal in the trunk of a tree that has the words, “The first book of a witch.”

The girl is shocked, and starts to cry, but a voice asks, “What is this book?”

The boy replies, “It tells me how to become a witch!”

The girl realizes that she has to be the first to read the book and, to her great shock, realizes that it is a book that will help her become a wizard.

The girl and the boy walk away from the house, where they discover the book in a forest.

The girls parents come to her rescue and give her a wand to read and to teach her the true power of magic.

The Order shows us a young woman who has taken on the mantle of a wizard, and who, by virtue of her own power, can become one of the most powerful witches in the world.

The video also shows the young girl reading her new book and telling the story of her journey, the journey of a hero.

The Order of Muggles was developed by Warner Bros. and is scheduled to launch in September 2017.

The game is expected to have “immersive, fast-paced combat,” and will offer up multiple quests that involve “creating and managing magical artifacts and enchantments.”

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